ANNA CEEH (*1974 Leningrad/ RU) and IV TOSHAIN (*1980 Sofia/ BG) are both visual artists who have studied together at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In the same time they are independant curators and female activists.
Aside from numerous national and international exhibitions, they have launched independent and innovative art formats such as: symposia / events / festivals / independent art fair / exhibitions with an international cast in Austria and abroad (Bulgaria, Belarus, Slovakia, etc., see CV), which they have fully executed, curated, organized, conceived, designed and graphically relayed. This cutting edge project’s activities are about execution of contemporary exhibition territories and sites, new concepts, presentation formats, and a base for institutional critique activities.
FEMINismTC is the first major project and research that we intend to realize together as a team in an all-female cast. This project substrate the synergy of artistic and theoretical intentions of both of us, relating to the gender relevant topics which have always been an immanent part of our artistic work.
The implementation of FEMINismTC is for both of us a very compact and significant step, by realizing how we as artists, curators and female activists, gain more visibility and international media attention.




Iv Toshain was born in 1980 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She lives and workes in Vienna, Austria. After studying at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Italy, the National Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria and graduating MA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria in the master class of Franz Graf, she took part in numerous group and solo exhibitions in USA, Denmark, Czech Republic, Rumania, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, etc. She has exhibited at the Museum for Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna, Kunsthalle Project space Vienna; Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk; Kunstraum Innsbruck; Kuenstlerhaus Vienna; Museo della Permanente in Milan; Art Expo / MNAC in Bucharest; Museum Sammlung Friedrichshof in Austria. Since 2011 she is co/founder, the curator and executive organizer of the PARKFAIR – Avantgarde Art Fair for established and emerging contemporary artists at the third level of the open air parking deck of the Stadium Center in Vienna, taking place during the Vienna Fair.

In 2012 she was awarded the MIA AWARD 2012 for outstanding achievements of women with international backgrounds living and working in Austria in the category Art and Culture.

Her art combines architecture of imaginary and emotional spaces, sculpture, and painting. It operates through “functional visual communication“, which refers to elementary structures, systems and universal symbols. At first sight, this may involve representational functions, but representation is not its purpose. As Deleuze and Guattari would say, art is a bloc of sensations, waiting to be reactivated by a spectator or participant. Art, then, can be understood as the name for a function: a form of magic or aesthetics, a function of transformation, experience, and communication.



ANNA CEEH (*1974, born in UdSSR, lives and works in Austria) is a Russian-born, Vienna-based artist who has been working for over 10 years in the international arts scene. Her body of work spans from self-portrait photography to video, electronic music and related applied research. In her most recent work, she takes a refreshing, anarchic approach to high-end inkjet printers. In working with reproductions, she subverts the meaning of the printers, the idea of photocopying and photographic reporduction. “By scanning in a subverted print and then printing it out on a ‘properly’ set up printer, its a sort of ‘cure’ for subversion!“ says English writer, Richard Noyce, of her work.

She is co-founder (with Franz Pomassl) of the sonic research project ⁄S⁄O⁄N⁄I⁄C⁄ ⁄Z⁄O⁄N⁄E⁄S⁄ incl. ZONE Club (former RUS KLUB) series at Vienna Secession (2003-2012) and RADIUS Festival for advanced electronic music and related visual art from Post Soviet Countries at CAT MAK, Vienna. ⁄S⁄O⁄N⁄I⁄C⁄ ⁄Z⁄O⁄N⁄E⁄S⁄ Festivals and Events in Azerbajan, Belarus, Ukraine, Kasachstan, Lituania, Estonia, Russia (incl. Arctis, Siberia, Far East). (Honorary Mention Digital Musics & Sound Art, Ars Electronica 2011)

Solo exhibitions: Charim Galerie (Vienna/ AT), Galerie HIT (Bratislava/ SK), Kunstbunker, Forum für zeitgenössische Kunst (Nürnberg/ DE). Group exhibitions (selection): 5 Marrakech Biennale (MA, 2014), MAMassachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, NY (USA), Russian Museum, St. Petersburg (RU), Lentos Museum, Linz (AT), Kunsthalle Krems (AT), CAT MAK (Vienna),  Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Vienna), ART FORUM BERLIN (DE), Transit (Bratislava/SK), Barents Triennale (Kirkenes/NO, Murmansk/RU), ARCO (Madrid), Shinjyuku Ganka Gallery (Tokio/JP), 21er Haus/ Belvedere and Augarten Contemporary (Vienna/AT), Living Art Museum (Reykjavik/ISL), Volkspalast (Berlin/DE).